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Truth, justice and the American Way . . . - Fire Walk With Me

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January 8th, 2005

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08:23 pm - Truth, justice and the American Way . . .

Yes, these are all 100% legit.

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Date:January 9th, 2005 04:33 am (UTC)
Archie's dark secret.

I knew it.
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Date:January 9th, 2005 09:17 pm (UTC)
It was never about Betty vs. Veronica, it was always about the Jughead.

What's your userpic from?
Date:January 9th, 2005 09:53 pm (UTC)
it's Pandora, though I don't know who it's by. It definately has a 19th century look to it. It matches my lj layout color-wise, so it works :)
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Date:January 9th, 2005 02:19 pm (UTC)
Haha oh jeez, these are reduculous! They can't be real, can they?

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